one of the most beautiful and famous balneological and mountainous
resorts in Bulgaria. It is located in the Chepino valley of the Western Rhodopes
and this location brings together unique natural features.
It is located about 130 km from the city of Sofia and 80 km from Plovdiv.
It is in an extremely beautiful area, surrounded by a wonderful and beautiful
scenery, plenty of natural beauties and fabulous views, and the climate is
especially favorable because it is cool in the summer and the winter is soft
and not so cold.
Close to the city there are 2 ski runs and many eco paths, which makest
Velingrad year round resort. One of the symbols of the city is the largest
karst spring in Bulgaria – Kleptuza. Eleven kilometers south of the city is located
Cave Lepenica, known as the most significant and beautiful cave in the area.
His glory in one of the best places to rest and the power of
his mineral water brought him in 2009 the worthy of respect
recognition of the Spa Capital of the Balkans.
The city and the surrounding area are both natural and historical
sights that are certainly not to be missed. Velingrad
offers its guests some wonderful conditions for an unforgettable stay
and a completely satisfying vacation.

Езеро Клептуза